How to cut magnet paper

Today I am going to show you how to cut magnet paper. It is really super material and easy for cutting. I prepared for you three funny creatures, yes it is really my original work and you can download it –  CLICK HERE FOR FREE SILHOUETTE FILE –  it is in czech language you need just to click on word STAHNOUT it means download.

When you buy magnet paper from Silhouette you can find there 4 sheets. The are really good quality. I am cutting today magnet paper with adhesive side.

Before we start making ufo or robot I will give you basic instruction for working with this material on easy project – red dots magnet.

Draw circle any size.

Put with black side down on cutting mat one sheet of magnet paper.

Choose in Silhouette cut settings – adhesive magnet paper – everything will be prepared automatically  – speed 1, thickness 33 and you can see blade 6 (change your blade). Also you can see double cut.

Cut your dots and the same dots cut from any paper.

Than just peel of white foil from magnet paper and glue your paper dost. And here it is – you have your the very first magnets. Easy don’t you think?

Magnets are really good as you can see two of them is enough for one picture on my fridge. Third is just for decor.

And now let`s create funny magnets for kids. Instructions are the same. At first cut magnet paper. Than from different colour papers cut each part of creatures and at the end glue it together. First I glued paper parts together and at the end I put paper to magnet.

My silhouettes.

Before final step
Our funny magnets. Mouth is made with basic black marker.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Have a nice day


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