How to cut vinyl foil

It is long time since I bought my first vinyl foil for Silhouette Cameo. And now it is time to try them.
I decided that Toby needs new decoration of his room. I cleaned commodes with drawer and cut some new designs.
here is photo BEFORE  just Bob the builder stays it is his favourite cartoon but animals are out 🙂

Everything is clean. You can see one drawer is little bit broken, it is IKEA so not everything is so good quality, we are using them 5 years and that is maybe maximum for such a cheap furniture.

I took blue dark red and yellow vinyl and cut out basic shapes of vehicles. Cutting vinyl is so easy. You load just vinyl not cutting mat!! So you choose LOAD MEDIA on screen of plotter.
I was cutting original Silhouette vinyl so I found it in software with ready settings – speed 8, thickness 9, blade 2.
And here is result I need just buy green and orange vinyl to finish it.
My designs are so easy that I did not use any transfer material. I like new look of commode. What do you say?
Have a nice day

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