Teddy Bear applique


today I am going to show you how to cut fabric on you Silhouette Cameo and how to make appliqué. I did not choose any design from silhouette shop, I draw my own design.


piece of cotton fabric

heat transfer fabric interfacing clean cut from Silhouette America


for face some fabric colors

Here is my design for you – click on word STAHNOUT it means download I uploaded it onto czech site
Before we will start I must write you something about Silhouette fabrics for textile. I like them all. I have here 4 colours and they are really perfect. Black one is very intensive and it has got really nice pigment. Also another are great BUT only for light textile. On dark t-shirt it is not so much great, there is not too much pigment so you must apply 2-3 times color before it is ok.
1. prepare piece of fabrics and the same piece of interfacing
2.with the glue side iron interfacing on to wrong side of fabric and peel of white part – you will have just fabric with glue on it
3.  take cutting mat and place with the wrong side fabric on it
4. open prepared file and manage sice according to your needs
5. cut fabrics slowly I choose speed 5 and knife depth 5  – silhouette cut settings I choose fabric  (oh you see on photo another setting that is wrong 🙂 )
6. and this is my teddy bear applique, easy cut – now just finish face with textile colours
 7. last step is iron appliqué on the T-shirt – use piece of another fabric to cover bear, do not iron straightly
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Have a nice day


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