Silhouette Cameo cutting machine – basic orientation in software nr1

I wrote many articles about interesting materials which you can cut. But no basics. So I am now with really detailed description of basic functions of Silhouette Cameo software. I do not have any school for It, my description is from basic user view ūüôā

This is basic working desktop and now I describe to you step by step each menu items.
1. Silhouette studio menu


1. About Silhouette studio Рbasic information about programme
2. Preferences¬†… – in this window you can set up basic stuff
Measurements (míry)- I have centimeters (we use them here in Czech Republic)
Defaults Рhere you can set up working desktop Рcolour of object for cutting (default is red), than what working desktop do you what as default and another

Display Рfor setting display


General Рset up language and frequency of updates of software
2.File Рin this menu you set up everything whats connected with files
File Рnew Р open new file
File Рopen Рcommand which opens already existing file, every new file opens on separate desktop
File Рopen recent Рyou can choose this command for open recently opened projects
File Рmerge Рthis is very useful command, if you want to open more designs into just one desktop you can use this
Save Рsave command you can use it during working to not loose data
Save As Рhere you can give exactly direct location in your address book of saving design
Save Selection Рsave part of project
Save to library Р save design into library
Save to SD card
Page setup Рthis is for setting up page mainly for printing
Print Рcommand to print Рhere is one tip for you in this window you can also give print to PDF Рbut before it your design has to have line thickness more than zero!!!
my example how to save PDF
– this is my design

Line Thickness here I must set up thickness more than zero

When you set up thickness go to FILE – PRINT and below you see PDF – click on SAVE AS PDF and thats all

Another items of menu

Send to Silhouette Рcommand for sending file into machine

Registration marks settings Рsetup for registration marks

Cut line settings Рalmost the most important command Рplace where you set everything before cutting

Calibration Рfor calibration machine when you use registration marks
Purchase online Рentrance to the Silhouette shop
My library Рentrance to library of saved designs
Import to my library Рmove design to the library
Import portfolio CD
Download pending orders Рthis you can use in situation that you purchased something than you was out of internet and it was not correctly downloaded
Import ROBO master library
Close file
So that is for today all.
Have a nice day

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