Christmas gift boxes for Colourcraft


it is almost end of September and it is great time to start your Christmas projects. For today I prepared easy decorated gift boxes. I used white and cream paper boxes, different plastic flowers and leaves. These boxes are 16x16x3cm. They are mainly for giving cards but you can give in them some small gifts too.

For my boxes to make them even more luxury I used Brusho acrylic shimmer spray – silver and gold. These sprays are awesome and very universal you can spray many different surfaces with them. When I finished decorating I sprayed over whole main side box. I sprayed from distance to have light layer of shimmer. That gave my boxes really luxury look. Taking photo of shimmery objects are very hard so sorry for background of my terrace but I took each box outside and I took photo from specific angle to show you that amazing shimmery look.


box - 1

box - 2

box - 3

box - 4

box - 5

box - 6

box - 7

box - 8

box - 9Have a nice day



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