The Alley Way Stamps – guest designer – day 3


today I prepared christmas project with Good point stamp set. I know it can look strange to make something christmassy with arrows but you will see that also arrows can be great.


I made candle holders. For base I used just cheap Ikea glass candle holder. You can buy them in set of four. Than I used versa mark emboss ink ink and silver and gold embossing powder and I think almost the most important thing – EK success powder tool (or another antistatic powder) because without it you cannot emboss glass (glass is much more magnet for embossing powder than paper). Here are some my advice how to:

1.  clean candle holders, it is enough to use baby wipes, tea lights candle holder are from shop dusty and oily and it is like magnet for embossing powder, so clean them and dry with paper towel

2. use lot of powder tool (antistatic) it is really necessary you will see, applie it just around space where you will stamp

3. slowly stamp image, add stamp to small acrylic block and stamp with Versa mark slowly from one side to another, you must go as shape of glass is, the first stamps can be bad, but do not worry the biggest advantage of stamping onto glass is, that you can take baby wipe, clean it and start again, really I made many mistakes before I learned the right stamping

4. use embossing powder, clean space around stamp and heat emboss it – be careful and patient, it takes much longer before powder is melted and glass can be hot!!! It is not technique for kids

5. wait 2-3 minutes before glass is cold because when you touch stamp when it is hot, you can damage everything, it takes really around 2-3 minutes

and that is all 🙂

TIP: go step by step, when you stamp  and emboss one arrow – go on – every time use really lot of powder tool, you will clean it after do not worry

I hope you will like this mini tutorial. Go on and try it with any stamp.  So what do you think can be arrows good for Christmas?

More great tips and inspiration you can find at The alley way stamps blog.

Have a nice day



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