Colourful pouch for Colourcraft

this is my first blog post in 2018 and I decided that we need something colourful. Not all of us love long cold winter so lets have some fun with fabric paints and many colours.
For my project I took fabric pouch which sew my friend Jana. She used funny fabric which you can colour. So I took all fabric paints which I have at home and I coloured it. It is very easy project which you can do with you children, some letters were coloured by my 9year old son Toby too. I used both series of fabric paints – for letters I used opaques and for funny ufo boys I used metallics.
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Choose to shine canvas for Colourcraft


I hope you are having great days, these last days before Christmas. I am from Czech Republic and we are having slightly different Christmas than you. Before I will show my canvas I would like to share with you some interesting info about our Christmas in my country. I hope you will like it. If you are not interest just skip text straight to my todays inspiration. 

The main day is 24.12. We do not have any fancy big lunch, just some easy lentil or bean soup and some mushrooms for the main dish – I cannot translate its name – Houbový Kuba –  but it is baked – mushrooms and groats and bacon, really tradition food (honestly not my favorite). There is a funny tradition – if you want to see golden pig, you are not allowed to eat till 6pm any kind of meat. Golden pig is just small magic light, usually parents make it with candle and some gold Christmas decoration.

In my family we are decorating tree 24.12., not earlier. So during morning I decorate tree with my son Toby and hubby is helping me in kitchen (he loves to cook). During the day we are watching fairy tales on TV or going for walk to see neighbors and we are enjoying day. Main is to be with family, no rush, no work, just us.

Around 6pm is time for main dinner – absolutely traditional food is potato salad (baked potatoes, mayonnaise, onion, pickled vegetable – cucumber, carrot, root celery, pepper, salt, and I am using yogurt too – every family has their own recipe, some use also baked eggs and mustard etc.  )  with fried fish – carp. And before it some families make fish soup (also from carp). We are than eating Christmas cookies. After dinner there is time for presents. We do not have any Santa Claus, we have magic person called Ježíšek (something like tiny Jesus) and he is secretly coming during dinner and bringing presents. Usually my hubby makes Ježíšek and I am trying to play with Toby. Children believe in Ježíšek quite long, till 8 years (when families are trying to make children believe, you know as by you with Santa, small children believe big not any more).

So we are opening presents 24.12. in the evening, 25.12. and 26.12. are holidays, we are going for visits, to see family, we are resting and of course eating too much :D. And that is all. 

And here is my inspiration I made small canvas with minimum of material. I just die cut stars from watercolour heavy weight paper  (Sizzix dies) and I glued them onto canvas. Than I played with art stones and micro beads and glue gun. When everything was dry I painted it with white gesso to prepare surface for colouring. It is always better when your background has got the same colour. For Colouring I used Aztec Eco Mettalic Lustre paints and Brusho Acrylic Sprays – Shimmering gold and copper. It is lovely shining canvas but as usually with shining bright metallic colours it is so hard to take nice photo, so I made many photos just to show you that shining effect. Sentiment is chipboard which I found in my stash.

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Christmas cards for Colourcraft


last time I made for you video tutorial with different backgrounds for your cards. I used many tools, stamps and not all of you do have those at home. So today I will show you how easily you can create original christmas cards just with Colourcraft paints.

For these two cards I used Aztec Eco Mettalic Lustre Paints. They are so awesome for paper. I hand painted different christmas motives on black card stock. Nothing complicated, just easy brush strokes, I am not artist but I love painting with Aztec paints. My tip is to use always some dark background for Metallic paint, it is complicated for photo shooting but it looks so awesome in reality. You can use any of Mettalic paint even red and purple, I mixed more colours on my first card, second one is just gold in different tones. In reality are cards much nicer and interesting.

For second design I took Brushos and I painted background in christmas colours green and red. I used my favourite Leaf green and Scarlet red and Moss green. I just added sticker with czech setntiment Merry christmas and happy new year. And because I am cardmaker and it is boring to make all the time just square or rectangle cards I decided to make shaped card, but this design looks awesome also on square cards so do not hesitate and try it too. It is so relaxing to paint your own cards and believe me that people will be so honoured to get such lovely card from you. Because they can buy everything but not your art, art is something more, something special and not everybody is gifted to do it but everybody can try it and because you are here at Colourcraft blog and you read my article you know how to make your card.

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Kate Dachovska

Tip for handmade gifts – for Coloucraft


today I would like to share with you easy project for handmade gift. I know how hard is to surprise in these days, when shops are full of amazing products, your family or friends. Handmade gift is always the best choice. So I prepared for you super easy inspiration. It is even great for non crafters. You do not need tons of material for it and still you can create cool project.

 So lets see what I prepared – 2 bodysuits and matching cute christmas cards. For my project I used white bodysuits from Tesco, it is in the smallest size, of course you can use any size, always try to use cotton bodysuit it is better for babies. For painting I used Fabric paints – Metallic – I love their shiny look and I think they are just great for cute cat and bear. I prepared bodysuit for boy and girl too. I used also opaque black and white fabric paint.
The same paint I used for card. It is easy layered card – I used patterned paper, white paper where I paint animal and I cut with Big shot snowflake and with glue dots I added white string. You can create card according to your fantasy.

Images are mine I did not use any inspirational photo but if you are not sure about your paiting look through the internet and find what image suits you the best.

It is also great project to try fabric paints, you can buy black and white that is basic and two colours of others and you can try them on such project.

So I hope you are ispired and do not hesitate to share with us your projects!

body - 1

body - 2

body - 3

body - 4

body - 5

body - 6Have a nice day




Christmas canvas for Colourcraft


I would like to share with you romantic Christmas canvas. I love Christmas crafting and with Brusho acrylics sprays it is so easy. I also like to combine products for papercrafts and for floristics.

Base of my canvas is shaped MDF (made by my friend who owns laser). I applied white gesso over whole canvas. Than I used paste to create some texture with snowflake stencil.  Than I glued different embellishments – plastic flowers, pinecones, die cut leaves, pebbles and also cute wooden reindeer. At one side I made whole arrangement. I also used some art stones just to add even more interest and wax for defining edges of my snowflake canvas.

And now the fun part – colouring with sprays. I wanted to have red-gold-white canvas. So my choice was Acrylic mist spray – scarlet and Acrylic shimmer spray –  shimmer gold. That combination is really awesome and as you can see colours added really nice final touch to my canvas. When you do not want to have “sharp” splatters you can always dilute them with bit of water.

canvas - 3

canvas - 1

canvas - 2

canvas - 4

canvas - 5
canvas - 6

canvas - 7

canvas - 8

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